(( Leaving the blog ))

(( Hi everyone. Sorry for posting so little ever since I opened this blog. I have been very busy with college and life in general, and I kept thinking about this for some time. I decided to call it quits.

With life being so busy, I would rather work on projects that I actually enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Shinji to no end. But this ask blog wasn’t as fun as I expected it to be. About 60% of the asks I got were in the lines of, “How is Minako?”, “What do you think of Minako?”, “What did you do in Minako’s room?”, “Do you like Akihiko?” That got boring as hell pretty fast, and I had no will to draw the replies for any of that. Come on, I know we all have our ships, but Shinji deserves better.

Sorry for giving up on the blog, but you know, ask blogs are supposed to be fun. And it hasn’t been since I answered my last message. I’ll leave the blog open and the asks I got unanswered in my inbox. I’ll also leave the ask box open. I don’t plan on returning, but… who knows?

If you’d like to keep up with my art, my dA is here. Thanks for following and for the interest in this blog! Cheers! ))

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qmq It’s a shame this blog is pretty much dead.

(( It’s not dead, I’ve just been really busy TAT ))

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Damn, you people ask a lot of shit. Questions will be closed till I can answer at least half of all this crap.

(( ooc: Shinjiro, stop blaming your followers for my your laziness. Get your butt to work and answer those questions! ))

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(( I’m not dead!

Hello my lovely followers! I wanted to apologize for being inactive for so damn long. This semester’s been crazy, and this December I have to work on ten pieces for a portfolio I’ll use to apply for a college, so… more inactivity for a little longer!

But fear not, I have already sketched the answers for some questions and will post them as soon as I can.

Thank you for bearing with me!

And pardon the pun in the title haha. ))

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c0cainewaffles said: how come you dont post anymore shinji ;_;

(( hi!! i’m so sorry i haven’t been answering questions. i’ve been very, very busy, and i created this blog aiming to always have something to draw when i’m free. i’ll answer questions when i have the time. everyone who sent questions, thanks for your patience! ))

(( Vote for Shinjiro figure from Kotobukiya!

Hi everyone! I have good news for you.

As you may know, there aren’t any official, PVC figures of Shinjiro. But the figure maker Kotobukiya (who made the  Ahikiho, Aigis, Mitsuru and Minato figures), has opened a survey seeking suggestions for new males figures!

Obviously, I voted for Shinjiro :D


The survey is in Japanese and will need to be filled out in Japanese as well.

Here is the translation for the questions, and what you should fill out as replies.

Question 1:
Please write the title of the anime, game, or manga you want to see made into figures or goods.

Answer: ペルソナ3

Question 2:
Please write the name of the character you want to see made into figures or goods. REQUIRED

Answer: 荒垣真次郎

Question 3:
Please tell us what kind of figures or goods you want. (ex: 1/10 scale figure, strap, keychain, folder, letter set, etc)

Answer: 1/8フィギュア

Question 4:
Do you have any comments or suggestions for Kotobukiya?

Answer: ( Write whatever you want or leave it blank, but I wrote this: ) 私は荒垣真次郎が大好きです!彼のフィギュアを作ってください!

(Survey ends August 31st, 2011)
(You are only allowed to vote ONCE. After that, they won’t count votes coming from your IP address.)

GO GO GO! *dances* ))

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*sniff* someone remembered

*sniff* someone remembered

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Back… What the— where did all these messages come from?! Ugh, it’ll take a hell lot of time to reply to everything. You all better not rush me, you hear?

(( Hi everyone, I’m back. I’m really tired from the trip, so I’ll start replying to all the messages as soon as I recover, haha. Wow, more than 40 messages… It really is gonna take quite some time! ))

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"This is Shinjiro. I’m not here now; leave a message if you want." *beep

(( Hey everyone. Like I mentioned on the description of the blog, I’ll be leaving on a trip tomorrow and won’t be back till August. But please, feel free to leave asks; I’ll reply to them when I come back! ))

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